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While the major function of a zipper assembly is mechanical - to reversibly couple two generally flexible panels or strips, aesthetic considerations also arise which may dictate when and how a zipper may be used in a given application.  The aesthetic considerations may be aural, tactile and/or visual.  The present invention alters the visual aspect of the zipper assembly to provide a less mechanical appearance, and may also alter the sound and feel of the zipper when it is opened and closed.  The zipper also provides protection against copying and counterfeiting for the parent garment or article.

Claim 1. A zipper, comprising:

a slider;

a first stringer comprising a first plurality of coupling elements having a first coupling element pitch sequence, said first coupling element pitch sequence comprising a first coupling element spacing and at least a second coupling element spacing different from said first coupling element spacing; and

a second stringer comprising a second plurality of coupling elements having a second coupling element pitch sequence complementary to said first coupling element pitch sequence, so that said first plurality of coupling elements may be reversibly interleaved and interlocked by said slider with said second plurality of coupling elements.