Lou Dischler writing excerpts—


  My Only Sunshine

  Plantation of Bones

  Mona’s Odyssey

  Rennie: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

  The Boy from La Pazza

  On The Naming of Big Dogs




  Age reversal

  Mitochondria dysfunction

  Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment




Articles at Linkedin—


  A Backdoor to Immortality

  Restoring Mitochondria


About the author


Lou grew up in southern Louisiana and lived in New Orleans for some years, then moved to South Carolina where he worked as an inventor for an industrial research company. When he retired in his forties, he decided to do what he’d wanted to do to begin with — bringing characters to life on paper, then killing them.

He has written a number of novels, and has 65 patents, including 6 for age regression.